Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows + Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (movie)


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows review (well duh SPOILERS)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie review (it’s late, I know).

All undercut (complete with a few SPOILERS)! It’s been awhile once again. Relatives came and took over my house and thus, I lost my bedroom and computer. I just recently got back my room and I’m still getting used to sleeping on a bed instead of the floor. School list came also, reminding me of my impending doom. Reviews will become almost non-existent (I might schedule my time) during the school year. For some reason, I actually plan on working hard this year (strange isn’t it?).

Okay these reviews are really, really late. Mostly due to the fact my relatives came and I went on procrastination mode a few days before and after they came. Right now my memory of the Harry Potter movie is really blurry and my copy of the book is with my friend, so forgive any mistakes. I’ll try to make spoilers minimal, but I just can’t help myself sometimes, especially when I start ranting.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Dun, dun, dun! It’s the Seventh and final book of the infamous Harry Potter series. Days before it came out, people were already lining up outside bookstores for a copy. I got mine on the release date as well (I just sent my dad out to drive to the nearest Superstore and deliver the book to me… I was still asleep when it got to my house though). Even though I got it on that day, I put off reading the book for 2 weeks. Why? Well that would be because I knew that as soon as I started reading the book I wouldn’t be able to stop (and I was right). During those 2 weeks, I saw people reading the book in the skytrain, malls, backyards, etc. The art site, DeviantART, slowly started to get flooded with spoiler pics of the book. I avoided those as well. Though I must say, it was almost impossible. Now enough about me trying to avoid anythign to do with the book. Forward to le revue!

General Intro Summary

We join two separate parties in the beginning. The book starts off with Voldemort and his group of Death Eaters and moving onto Harry and the Order. The two parties meet as the Order tries to whisk away Harry. Both sides suffer casualties, but once again Harry’s strange powers, that even he can’t explain, saved him. The Burrow became HQ and here Harry, Hermione, and Ron plan to carry out Dumbledore’s orders while others were busy with Bill and Fleur’s wedding. Chaos ensues on the wedding day. Using the distraction, the trio leaves on the quest to find the Horcruxes. Along the way, the mystery of the Deathly Hallows unfolds.

Interesting Stuff

  • Before going into hiding, the Dursleys had a rather awkward time to say goodbye. Uncle Vernon was still the same but Dudley changed. He thanked Harry for saving his life during the time Dementors attacked him. Aunt Petunia seemed hesitant as well. I suppose they started to come around. After all, they’re still blood relatives no matter what.
  • Snape became headmaster of Hogwarts.
  • Bill and Fleur married; Tonks and Lupin married
  • Dumbledore is definitely dead.
  • Horcruxes and the Deathly Hallows are not to be confused with the other. (I kept mixing these two up)
  • Harry used to have interesting neighbours (some light is shed upon his ancestry as well)
  • Godric’s Hollow is an interesting place.
  • Ron x Hermione cannot be broken. This canon couple is permanent.
  • 1/2 of the book is spent on the trio wandering around.
  • People will have connections… or have connections already. These connections aren’t as simple as “Oh I met that person once.”
  • Petunia and Lily’s relationship is explained.
  • You will LOVE Snape. Any former impressions on the character already made will not matter. If after the book you still don’t… well, then you should take that as a sign that you have no heart. (Don’t take me seriously. I was converted to a Snape lover so quickly, I lost all sense I had)
  • If you miss Hogwarts, don’t worry.
  • EVERYONE has a big role in the book (including minor characters and even some dead people).
  • This book has the most deaths than all the other books in the series combined.

Finale: 5/10

I’ll probably have rocks thrown at me right now. This is just my personal opinion. It’s biased XD Unbiased score is 8/10. Now as to why!

Why 5/10?

I don’t like a certain couple that was made permanent in the end. Action/Adventure never really mixed well with Romance anyways *coughtransformerscough*. I was expecting a certain character to die, but didn’t. Although the final chapter cleared up the story of a few characters, I was still curious to what happened with some others. Anyways, you either love or hate the ending, but you’ll still love the series as a whole.

Why 8/10?

It would have gotten a 9.5 but the part of wandering around, which covers 1/2 the book, was incredibly boring in my opinion. There were little things that peaked my attention, but other than that, it made me fall asleep (not kidding. I fell asleep around the middle on the first day of reading the book). I thought that certain characters in the end were really interesting (those who’ve read the book know which ones I’m talking about). Hogwarts arc was also amazing. The book didn’t end with a bang, but that part certainly did. Also, I enjoyed the fact that Harry wasn’t the big kahuna the whole time. Lots of people got the spotlight. Yes, the future looks bright.


Harry Potter was a wonderful series. It has been a big part of my life. This book was the first book I read that didn’t have pictures; it was also the series that got me interested into reading. I can’t believe that after all these years, it’s over. I still remember the time in which my cousin was raving all about the book in Philippines and I dismissed her, pulling her to play with me instead. Then a year later, I bought the first 2 books in my attempt to not be bored in the new country I’ve recently arrived in. After all this time, my addiction to the book dwindled but I remained a faithful follower, always buying the newly released books on the release date. People might laugh at my personal attachment to the series, but I shall never forget it. I shall read and reread these books throughout my lifetime.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (movie)

My memory is blurry on this one. I’ll just write an opinion.

Compared to the other movies, this movie was a let-down. It didn’t live up to its book counterpart in my opinion. Starting from Book 1, it should have slowly gotten darker and darker (with a light break at Book 6). Things happened too fast in this movie. The Order should have gotten more screentime (the title is ‘the Order of the Phoenix’). The actress for Tonks also fitted her personality, but she looked too young. I know that Tonks is around 20, but it would be awkward when Lupin x Tonks relationship is revealed in future films. The movie spent more time with DA. Those parts were cheesy as well. I mean come on. Teachers can be encouraging, but not sound cheesy. Harry should have gotten better lines. Finally, the one thing I cannot ignore was Sirius’ death. That was pathetic. It was supposed to be dramatic. It happened so suddenly that I didn’t even know it happened until after it did. The fact it went so fast and then slow motioned (focusing solely on Harry) was anti-climactic. Even my dad was confused until I got my bearings and explained to him. The only things I enjoyed watching here were Luna (awesome acting, just like how I imagined Luna would be) and the detention scenes.

I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the same day as I watched Transformers. Now the latter was a good movie (mindless action and violence ftw).


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  1. i agree that siruis died too quickly and that was horrible! it was such a depressing part of the book (all 5 times that i read order of the phoenix) and it just went *snap* and he was gone in the movie. it didn’t show much respect for the great and wonderful man that sirius black was. plus so many great scenes were chopped out of that movie from the book (including the depressing part in chapter nine or so i think where molly weasley can’t get rid of the boggart and starts crying because she sees all of her children lying there dead, so sad!)

  2. I love Harry Potter. Always have. Always will. End of Story. You guys who wanted it to end differently. . You. Are Weird. The ending was perfect. It kinda sucks that Tonks, Fred and Lupin had to die though…… 😦 And the person who said they fell asleep while reading Harry Potter and the dealtly Hallows. . You Are. The. King. Of. Weirdness.
    And the person who said they were wondering around the whole book? They were not. There were revelations and discoveries the whole way.

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