Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Movie: Sink or Swim?


Okay so its official. According to iF Magazine, Cowboy Bebop will get a live-action movie and the man FOX made in charge of the whole project is Erwin Stoff, who by the way totally kicks ass; he’s behind some of my most favourite movies like The Lake House and I Am Legend. Now the question is will it sink or swim? Right now its up for questioning since the deal went down quite recently so we won’t be seeing this movie for a couple more years. Now as we all know, Cowboy Bebop is one of those great classics. Live-action doesn’t really do anything for any series in my opinion. They’re either okay or are so ridiculous it can make you cry just by looking at an advertisement for it. However, seeing as the big kahuna is someone that can handle big stuff, I hope he knows what he’s doing when he’s taking on such a project that has quite a loyal following. I’ll probably go and watch it when it comes out, just to see what they’ve done. Past experiences with live-action have made me realize its pointless to have very high expectations. Let’s atleast hope they don’t butcher the franchise.


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  1. YEEAH! I KNOW! it’s crazy.
    I hate it though ’cause I’m scared taking the buses now, and the fact that was my first time alone. It’s sad, I know. LOL. I’m 16 and I’ve had my bus ride alone. LOL.

    so, how are you, ms.janelle? 🙂

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