Twilight Movie Review <– get them apples ready



More stuff underneath this post. Since Twilight is new, and I don’t want to be yelled at for spoilers, CLICK WITH CARE!

Okay just to get the whole thing over with, I give this movie a 7/10.

HOLD THOSE APPLES! I shall explain myself and why such a thing is coming from a Twilight fan herself.

The movie, I felt, was quite alright. It was certainly enjoyable. I had fun watching it. But that was it. I didn’t exactly become “OMGAWD THAT WAS THE MOVIE EVER” or something along those lines. It’s been awhile since I last read the 1st book, so the whole time I was trying to figure out how faithful the movie stayed to the book. There were certainly some things lacking. The movie, I felt, was way to overhyped. Yesterday, I was watching CNN and one of the newsreporter was laughing and commenting about the turn out of Twilight. He was saying that despite recent economic dillema, “vampires turn out to be recession-proof.” I will so remember that line forever. Will vampires slow the economic meltdown?


The girl playing Bella, Kristen Stewart, was perfectly spot on. She gets a 10/10 by herself :). Why? Because the Bella in the movie, reminded me how much I hated Bella in the book. She was flat, boring, annoying, obsessed with Edward (in that omg just get over yourself girl), and annoying. Tough critic I am. But yes, after you get past your obsession about how AWESOME the book is, then you can see Bella just remained her entire, flat self throught the series. And that’s especially annoying if you don’t like her characterization. In any case, the Bella of the movie is good because she brought out the exact same feelings I had for the Bella of the book.


…is not hot. Well I don’t know. He’s not. I just remember him (Robert Pattinson) as that dude who died in Harry Potter 4. I don’t know about the rest of you gals, but me and other girls I’ve conversed with (both friends and non-friends) have confessed their utter disappoint at the un-hotness that is the EdwardMOVIE! I still have no idea as to how I should rate him. The actor got Midnight Sun to work with for characterization and Edward is just so hard to figure out in the normal Twilight books. Well I don’t hate him and he does look sorta vampirish. However, please, stop squealing about his hair. It’s just a messy mop of hair. Go sleep with your hair wet. In the morning, it might look like his. But yea, he’s a good actor. I’m just annoyed at how tweens or tween-wannabes act.


Jasper gets his own special big/small review ’cause he’s the only thing I really liked in the movie XD Now Jasper IS hot. Oh, and he’s funny. I kept laughing at both him and the fact everyone kept laughing whenever he pops up. Its because of how he was described, “The guy who always looks like he’s in pain.” Ahhaha its true though. You can tell he’s not breathing. I love the way they styled his hair also. Despite the fact he hardly got any lines, Jasper and Alice seemed like that weird yet together couple. Anyways, yeah, to sum up, Jasper will be the only thing I keep in my mind whenever I think of Twilight.


Just wanted to say that AliceMOVIE! seemed exactly like AliceBOOK! Hair-wise, character-wise, and everything-wise. It was sort of creepy.

Rosalie and Emmett

Physical-wise they match the characters. Rosalie is more memorable though. I loved the way she just smashed that bowl of salad.

Cullen Kids Arrival

THEY WERE GLOWING. Me and my friends all said that. Edward had that dramatic entrance by himself. For some reason it reminded me of those hair color commercials for men o_o

Jacob Arrival

…was so funny because everyone was thinking exactly the same thing (well I said it out loud). “Ewww” Well the face was alright and I was prepared for a long haired Jacob…. but that HAIR. When I think Jacob, I think long, thick, yet straight, shiny hair. Not long, wavy, and whispy. That was just a major turn off. I saw a photo of Taylor Lautner, and he looked awesome with short hair.

Scene Selection

Was sort of terrible. They certainly emphasized the relationship between Edward and Bella yet I believe they spent too much time on staring-at-each-other-scenes and ignored the whole fight with Bella and the other girls. Bella, at the end, turned out to be popular, loved, and friends with everyone, when in the book, that was not the case. The tension between her and Jessica should have been there, to emphasize that NO the she was not welcome in Forks. But eh, they did that whole thing with the fan blowing Bella’s hair all over the place and Edward catching a wiff and looking like he was about to throw up. My friend said that scene was good because it was as awkward as the book.

Cast Selection

Someone obviously did their homework. While I wasn’t happy with Edward’s (which I will never be, because such perfection probably won’t exist… or maybe male models can’t act) everyone was what I imagined they would be based on the description of the book. The vampires certainly stood out from the crowd and the students acted like the usual idiots in my school. There were a lot of actors I was familiar with and a lot I didn’t know, yet they all seemed to just fall into place. I still think the best one would be Alice’s actress.

Fight Scenes

The one at the end was awesome. I wasn’t expecting that kind of fight for a romance, chick-flick movie. Gets a 10/10 from me because I’m an action movie maniac.

Awkward Scenes

There were some awkward scenes here and there. I don’t know if it was because of the director, the actors, or the computers, but they certainly earn a large frown from me. Whenever Edward carried Bella on his back and did his vampire-run-thingy and they used CG, it looked… CGed. The execution was just … bad. It looked like he was floating instead of running. Like, as he went up the mountain he was being held up by a rope and all he had to do was move his legs and his feet never connected with the ground. Another awkward scene was Edward introducing himself. Something was off. Everyone in the threatres was laughing. I’m not sure if it was meant to be like that. Finally, the scene when Bella was sleeping (and Edward watching her). Instead of it looking like she was having a nightmare, it looked like she was imagining naughty things. Lolz well she’s a person who sleeps in her underwear (and kisses guys in her bedroom in them too) so uhhh don’t know what else to say.

Final Overview

THE GOOD: Cast selection was superb. The music was FANTASTIC (I’ll buy the soundtrack sometime). Overall feeling  was good too (since I reacted the same way I did to the book). I loved how Bella and the vampires were so pale! They just popped out from the crowd.

THE BAD: CG was bad. It took away from the movie and distracted me. All I could think off was that they needed better graphics. Needed more variety in scene selection to bring out the characters. Let’s face it, characters in Twilight are as flat as main characters can get. Scenes like Jessica and Bella fight that bring out emotions are the best way to go. Jacob needs a new wig (or a straightener) and people have to stop overhyping this movie. It’s good, but not superwonderfullyawesome.

IN CONCLUSION: I’m happy with the movie. But I won’t be watching the 2nd or the 3rd because I hate those books and seeing as I got the same feelings with book 1 and movie 1, I’ll hate the movies too (oh and Bella’s annoying scale went through the roof with those books). I will, HOWEVER, watch the 4th movie whenever it comes out. Just to finish off the series.

Now, you guys can throw stuff at me.


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  1. 😀
    After the hype came out about the movie, I decided, “Okay, fine, if it’s good enough to make into a movie, maybe I’ll give the book a try.” Currently I am waiting for someone to lend me the fourth book.

    Your responses to the movie are pretty much exactly what everyone else is saying. XD Sometimes, to the word! Apparently there’s not too much dispute about how the movie turned out. But the thing about Edward’s appearance: You’re right. There’s no way they can find a guy who ACTUALLY looks as supertastical as the book makes him out to be.

    But there is one thing that I think you got wrong. From what I read, the whole point of Bella’s friendship with Jessica is that, in contrast to the usual “new girl is a loner” situation, Stephenie Meyer purposely put her in with the popular crowd, just to make it strange and unusual. She said that in some interview I read a week ago. Hm. Maybe she needs to reword some of the parts in the book, then, if some of the readers are getting the wrong impression.

    But GAH. I have not seen the movie yet. (No time.) But I can’t believe they made Jacob’s hair icky. >_< I refuse to believe it!! I’ll hold off on the ranting until I see for myself. T_T

  2. The reason for the whole angry Jessica was that the boy she likes liked Bella. In the book Bella wasn’t super popular, and loved always (especially after the her arrival-hype abated). I just felt that they cut corners by making her a popular newbie who was liked for the entire movie. And the ending felt cheesy, like one of those sitcom dramas where the girls gets the guy and has a lot of friends.

    Jacob from the movie is icky.

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