NEWS: Manga Updates



On a sad note, Meister by Kimiya Kaji has ended after only 10 chapters.

A waste since this series was actually not actually too bad. There were many characters and each could have had big character development. Unfortunately, such an early end couldn’t have done that. I’ve always welcomed sports mangas. This one was no different.

On a much brighter note though, D.Gray-man by Hoshino Katsura will be continuing on March after being put on hold since November last year due to a health issue.

Hoshino had put D.Gray-man on hold in the past due to “health issues” so this manga’s schedule has been quite erratic. This is quite surprising since pictures of her online had shown her to be quite young and healthy looking. Though I’m just glad it will continue. D.Gray-man is one of my favourites and there was so much excitement in the story before it went on hiatus.


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  1. Oh really? Hoshino-sensei is finally coming back?

    That’s definitely great news, since I’ve missed DGM since it was stalled. Now I can finally start blogging on it 🙂

    Do you have a reference to the news?

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