Eclipse Movie Review

Even though I’m just blogging about this now, I actually saw the movie pretty early on. I do not have any fangirling comments in this review, there are SPOILERS though.
You know, I really, really tried hard to find a good official movie poster to go with this review, but Google images was just littered with fan-made ones. Even though some of them are nice, I want to go with official posters for my movie reviews. So for now, no image.
To start off, I never read any Twilight saga book after the second one. That book turned me into a… well I don’t know. I’m not a fan, but I don’t despise it either…. though after the second book I came very close to wanting to burning it. Summing it up, I can’t make any comparison between the book and the movie. The only things I can compare Eclipse with are the previous movies.
In General
It’s safe to say that the effects and quality of any Twilight Saga movies preceding the first one will be good. ‘Cause we all know that movie got a small budget then when people sitting on big black leather chairs on plush carpets in an office tower reaching the skies realized the effect the franchise had on people, they just threw money at the movie makers. So yes, Eclipse had wonderful special effects and was bedazzeled in a way movies can be.
Well of course a story that has a vampire and a werewolf fighting over a girl is always a winner with the crowd. I think its nice to see how Bella struggled with the possible consequences that her choice could make. Even though she tries to convince herself that losing those she loved and her current lifestyle, it was worth it. I can understand her eventual realization of feelings towards Jacob. I mean any girl will become smitten eventually after all the love and care and attention Jacob gives the one he loves. It works vice versa. As soon as you find out some one likes you, you start thinking about possible romantic feelings for that person even though you never even cared about that person before. Jacob must have been quite crushed though after succeeding in making Bella realize her feelings for him, only to find out it just wasn’t enough. The Bella and Jacob thing was what I found most interesting in this movie plot-wise. Otherwise, Edward’s attempts at preventing Bella from choosing to become a vampire was just a bore. Bella already knew the consequences and its her internal struggle that was more interesting. Last positive thing about the plot was how most of the Cullen children had their pasts revealed.
After reading this review for editing I realize it gives off a Team Jacob vibe. I tend to lean towards Team Edward. It just so happens Edward was a bore in this movie.
Kristen Steward has improved from her ghastly acting in the first and second movie, but I still think she could do with some professional acting classes. Let’s face it people, she’s not going to give us an Oscar-winning performance any time soon.
It’s sad that Rachelle Lefevre wasn’t in this series anymore. When I thought of Victoria, all I saw her crazy must-kill-Bella look and her red curly locks. Bryce Dallas Howard just didn’t fit in, especially since she just took on the role that ends up dying anyways just as she enters.
Twilight saga films aren’t exactly the movie you should be looking at if you want good solid, moving, inspiring acting performances.
Fight Scenes
We had really nice fight scenes in the movies. Good action, filming, and computer graphics combined. It was even better than the Edward smack down in New Moon. I liked the training exercise part better than the battle scene though. The action was more detailed.
Twilight saga movies have always had pretty decent soundtracks. I believe Metric had composed a song specifically with the story and movie in mind. Some might say they’re selling out, but eh. I don’t love the song, but I don’t hate it either. It’s pretty blah, compared to their other songs.
Pros: Plot-wise, better than all the other Twilight saga movies. Better action scenes. Little bits of humour were funny.
Cons: Too much kissing (it took away from the story). It’s like they had magnets in their mouth, attracting each other. I tried to count but lost count due to number of times it happened. Acting is still bad.
Most Memorable Moment: Bella punching Jacob and breaking her arm in the process. Oh the funnies.

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