No. 6: Episode 1 – Drenched Rat


Yay for image heavy post!

In a post-apocalyptic world, human beings have set up the only six safe habitable area and banned weapons in order to create a lasting peace. The main character Shion is simply taking what ever life hands to him and seems bored of it all. As someone who tested with a high IQ at a young age, his family has been given many perks such as living in a high-class neighbourhood. His routine is suddenly broken when visited by a wounded young man who breaks into his house in an attempt to escape his armed hunters.

In other words, two lonely young boys meet to form what would probably amount to the summer’s unforgettable bromance.

OP: “Spell” by Lama

noitaminA time slot? I’M IN!

It’s a pretty interesting first episode. After all of the previews showing teenage boys, albeit I swear I thought one of them was a girl, I was surprised to start of with two socially awkward preteens. We have Shion the genius twelve-year-old. Still sporting a normal brown coloured hair in this episode, he is aloof and disinterested with the events going on around him. The only one who holds his attention is a fellow genius classmate, Safu, and odd, out-of-place occurences such as a storm. It’s his birthday and he celebrates with his friend and her grandmother in the upscale neighbourhood of Chronos. For his birthday gift, Safu gives him a kiss on the cheek to which he asked in confusion,

“Why are you doing the same thing as my mother?”

To which she replied,

“It’s different! What I’m doing is a display of my reproductive response… An action based expression…”

Oh my. They are interrupted by a howling siren coming from the Moondrop, a government building in the center of the city. To me it vaguely sounds like whale calls. Though I find it really interesting how Shion refers to it as a blister on human skin while other characters stopped to listen solemnly and with attitude like that of reverence towards a god. Back in his own home, Shion opens his bedroom windows in the middle of the typhoon, rushes back outside and in a seemingly incredible rush of adrenaline, starts yelling at the top of his lungs. Again, how what an odd, odd boy. When he gets back inside, he finds a wounded young boy breaking in and promptly attacking him. Shion, seeing the wounds offers to tend to them and doesn’t hide the absolute joy and amusement in his face in doing so. The boy is Nezumi (Rat) and he hints to that the No. 6 Shion believes may be nothing but a facade. He doesn’t say anything else to the prying boy to prevent a leak in information about him. Shion gets warning on his electronic bracelet about Nezumi who is a wanted escaped criminal, but ignores the report to continue tending to his patient. Walking in on Nezumi changing, Shion notices scars on his back which reminds me of the scars he shown sporting in the OP and ED. Did they happen to get them due to the same reason? During their conversations, Shion’s awkward personality really shines through and leads to Nezumi teasing the boy about shouting outside in the middle of a typhoon. In an attempt to stop him, he tries to tackle Nezumi but ends up getting pinned and immobilized instead in a display of agility of strength in Nezumi’s part. Instead of being frightened, Shion is in wonder of how Nezumi may have immobilized him, catching the other boy off guard. Nezumi gives up completely to Shion’s lack of awareness and attitude and lets sleep take over him. Before he drifts off and while holding Shion’s hand, he remarks how warm living people are. The next morning, the police arrive at Shion’s house and Nezumi is nowhere to be seen, yet Shion looks out at No. 6 with a calm and pleased expression.

ED: “Rokutou Sei no Yoru” by Aimer

This series is already making me giggle. I like how straightforward Safu is and I can’t help but laugh at the innuendos the animators aren’t afraid to throw around. Seeing as how touchy feely the boys were (holding hands, Shion using his forehead to see if Nezumi had a fever, etc.) a lot of people are saying this is yaoi and throwing it out the window because of that. Then again I’m sure there are tons of girls out there who are pretty much gonna stick with show because of the very same aspect. I have yet to see what people are seeing though. Looks to me like two socially awkward preteens suddenly bonding and becoming friends… awkwardly. Hey, I’ve seen the same type of interaction in Ookiku Furikabutte and I’m pretty sure that they’re straight since they get into a pretty serious discussion about breasts. Then again, I could be totally wrong and we turn out to have boy’s love here. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t read the novel this is based on. It would be actually interesting (and amusing just to see reactions on the internet) if it did, its timeslot wouldn’t prohibit from doing so as well. The little action scene that Nezumi displayed towards the end also holds promise to the kind of quality fight scenes this series can show in the future.

The OP took a little getting used to, but after a couple of reruns with it I find it strangely fascinating. The ending was also a very nice ballad. Neither showed any hints of what’s to come aside from the two boys’s older forms.


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