Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam 08


So I was watching this today. I have to say, I’m very impressed with the large-scale battle on a visual level as well as a tactical level.

With the inclusion of Glacies (which is Russian apparently), it makes Ginyoku no Fam feel much larger in scale compared to the first season of Last Exile which only had Disith and Anatoray as the two ruling countries.

Aside from being the best episode this season so far (I just love battle scenes), it also felt very much more like a type of episode that would fit in with the first season, which a lot of people had been missing. Fam was dismissed rather bluntly by the professionals as opposed to just letting her go on her merry way to do whatever she wanted. It was pretty serious and that was what made it so different from the rest of the season so far.

There are two things I felt were a bit off-putting from the episode.
The first is how Glacies warned the Sylvius while they opened fire right away on Ades Federation forces. I thought Glacies was the country which doesn’t understand that the enemies of your enemies are your friends? Or maybe it’s because Sylvius is considered an unidentified ship to them so they didn’t take drastic actions. I also hardly think it’s because Sylvius is clearly in need of a break so they decided to give it some slack. Anyways, this part felt different from the description and notion we had of Glacies that it felt off.
Second thing the bugged me is Fam’s Skyfish hunt. Granted, the Sylvius needed to put into action anything they can to get out of the battle alive, but putting this in was like an afterthought. Kind of like “Oh hey, let’s not forget our main characters from this season and let them save the day even though the rest of the supporting cast were BAMF earlier.” I think the only worthwhile thing going for this is possible further character development on Giselle who missed out on taking down Anshar as well letting Millia get bragging rights on being the first one to get a direct hit on a Claudia unit.

Those parts aside, I think Ades Federation needs to start modifying its ship and hide their engines. Is this a major flaw that the production team left out there just so Millia could get her one shot? Seeing as this episode was awesome, I’m just going to chalk it up to needing to get close to the engines to actually do major damage and with all the artillery the ship carries and shots flying through the air in an actual battle it would be difficult to do so.

Unless Ades likes tradition, perhaps we’ll have more Shaharzes used in big scale battles, because Vanships and Glacies’ version of them do give an advantage.

Overall great episode, I cannot wait to see what happens next.


All the characters from the OP have been introduced and/or shown now except for Vincent and Alvis. When do we see them?!

Speaking of the OP, I noticed Lilliana clutching onto Luscinia. D: I really like their mysterious relationship and while it might be cliché I’m hoping that even though Luscinia used Lilliana, there’s some hidden romantic feeling there.

The ED visuals this week is different and featured all the photos of the Ades ships captured by Fam. Assuming there’s no repeat pictures and the pictures aren’t in order. There’s fourteen in total.  One short of the promised fleet. Are we going to get a timeskip again? Oh I was thinking the 11th picture was Anshar, but I could be very wrong.

Oh almost forgot, I loved, loved the scene where Alis was like “Everyone, I have bad news. Captain Tatiana is smiling.”

Gonzo’s really putting everything they’ve got into this series aren’t they? I can only imagine how much money they spent on this episode to make the CG pretty much integrated seamlessly. Though, they’re still not up to par with ufotable’s insane quality.

I miss Dio D:


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