ebullience is an attempt to blog about things watched, read, and heard. Seen and watched. About LIFE. Post could be summaries or just random reviews of these things. It’s mostly about anime and manga but there will be the occasional write up on movies, songs, books, and trips. While the anime episodes were watched online (RAWs and subs), the manga reviews will be about volumes that are either store bought or borrowed from someone/somewhere; same thing with the books. Songs are mostly Asian (Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) but there might be some English songs. Site founded by JJ during the 2007 summer. It’s updated sporadically by founder. Some random rants and inputs about the daily happenings of my life put into words that might apply to anyone or everyone.

JJ is a short, lazy, female teenager that lives somewhere in the world. Practically moving every year to another place has made her stop memorizing her address and phone number. Lazy and unmotivated, she thinks that conformity is stupid… for the most part. She fails at tenses (as you can see by her posts). Anime, manga, drama, music, badminton, swimming, running, ice cream, Starbucks, and sleeping during class are her favourites. Her pet peeves include: people who walk too slow, waiting in line, changes in the placement of stuff in her room, and being stuck in a class that doesn’t have a competent teacher. Can speak English, Tagalog, and French (the last 2 not so fluently). Understands random Japanese words and phrases. She doesn’t talk or write about herself in third-person (this page is an exception) but she admits to staring at pretty boys. Oh and she likes cantaloupes.


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  1. Waw, I’ve jsut found out your blog… amazing! How long do you spend writing the anime reviews? It’s not like you’re not making an effort! I mean, the reviews are so helpful, and you usually cover all aspects of the animes!
    I found your blog when I was on google looking for a new anime to watch. i have just finished Nana (season 1) and loved it. It is the first time I watch a Shoujo anime as I usually like the ones like Naruto/ Darker than Black… Would you have any manga a bit similar to Nana to recommend? Thanks, and all the best!!! 🙂

  2. Hey, i liked your blog very much! Very nice the small reviews you give are very nice and a few made me curious even. Well, anyway, loved the blog!

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