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Review: Polka


 Polka by Rodolfo Collado Hernandez of Vancouver Film School

Watch: Yahoo Video , YouTube , VFS

Polka is a short 5 min animation about a shy girl who tries to make her crush notice her.

This animation is full of cuteness. I think a lot of girls, maybe even guys, can relate to this. Normally timid girls wouldn’t just go right up to their crushes and tell them about their feelings or even just plain talk to them. Some would try to be something they’re not just to be acknowledged. In this video the girl tries make the guy she always meets in the bus stop to notice her.

At first she tried being straight out, but this just made the guy think she’s weird. Then she dresses herself up, but the guy didn’t even pay any attention. Finally, when she was just herself playing her violin that the guy truly looked at her.

The simple animation and lack of sound made people focus on what was happening instead. Even though there were no words said, everyone can understand what was happening and the message really got through to the audience. Music was wonderful; it doesn’t distract the viewer from the video. I loved the little quirky things in the video as well. The bus and TV were, at first glance, normal but then they turn out to be interesting and made me smile.