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So I’ve been gone. It’s been a very looooonggggg time.

I’ve started living in the Yearbook room, its due to crazy deadlines that don’t make sense. (WHO PUTS A DEADLINE A DAY BEFORE A TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK AND THE NEXT DEADLINE FOUR DAYS AFTER SPRING BREAK?!) It doesn’t help I’m always the last one to leave because I’m the only one who knows how to package stuff (computer file wise) to send to the publisher.

So yes, I’ve been glued to the computer, but most of the time working.

I haven’t really watched anime lately, just read lots of manga.

However, Ookiku Furikabutte has one loyal follower right here. Also, I’m pretty much waiting for Hetalia and 07-Ghost to resume.

I’ve been interested in making websites lately, as in designing them. I’m useless in computer speak though. But there’s this little plan in my head that if I get really good at web design I can charge thousands for each one and become a millionaire like those 12 year olds (okay maybe not that young, but close enough) who made it big by making websites for companies who had no idea they were dealing with kids.




I know I’m a month late, and its a result of me burying myself in books, Calculus and basketball season starting but I SHOULD HAVE NO EXCUSE AS TO WHY THIS ESCAPED ME.

Ookiku Furikabutte was given the thumbs up for a second season.

I swear, whoever is out there listening, THANK YOU. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I watched the last episode of the series.

Okay, now back to self punishment by way of studying.

D.Gray-man Update


Finally came  back from my much needed holiday to find something waiting for me.

Holiday time in Japan therefore Akamaru Jump is published which happens to include the latest chapter of D.Gray-man.

Different feel in the art aside, I’m glad just see the newest installment. Also, in the end it is revealed that the series will be moving from Weekly Jump to Jump SQ, a monthly magazine and will restart in December.

Good news to the fans since the series will continue. Guess we’ll have to wait till December though. I’m okay with it being monthly. The story will be more spread out, giving it more time for the scenes and story telling. Though, with what has been revealed things can only go at a fast pace. Goodness, so much revealed yet I’m still hanging at the edge wanting to find out more.

D.Gray-man back… possibly?



Okay so I don’t have a link to a japanese site that OFFICIALLY says it but apparently, if you head over to MangaHelpers, where they keep track of rumours, a post in 2ch about D.Gray-man’s possible rererereincarnation has been verified. Also posted in exorcists_order LJ community.

D.Gray-man is scheduled to have an appearance on Akamaru Jump around August 17th. It will have 50 pages with a colour page.
The good news? D.Gray-man is not dead… yet.
The ominous news? Akamaru Jump is a seasonal publication. It only comes out on weeks with holidays.

So yes, D.Gray-man will be featured next month, but after that? Not so sure. Will it return to Weekly Jump? Maybe. If it doesn’t end in the next chapter, then there’s a small glimmer of hope.

image by にゃじ on pixiv

NEWS UPDATE: Axis Powers Hetalia Cancellation


Okay, so big news here. I’m still in the middle of writing up the Winter 09 Anime List so I’ve been at least trying to keep up to date on the new series-es.

So, if no one has payed any attention to the anime net sphere over the past 2 weeks or so, they wouldn’t know about the big controversy surrounding Hetalia.


Hetalia is  a gag story on several political situations, covering a lot of World War II, with personified characters of countries, such as Germany, US, etc. Cue word: gag. Apparently, a lot of Koreans didn’t get it and found the character of Korea to be insulting, thus a petition to ban Axis Powers Hetalia was created online. So far, it has accumulated 15000 and rising signatures on the petition. The TV station that was supposed to broadcast Axis Powers Hetalia cancelled the airing of the show due to pressure and bad international publicity. However, in the anime’s website, it has said that it will still be distributed via mobile phones (sucks of us here in the West who have sucky low-tech cellphones).

Like DAMN. Before I get any hate messages, I want just want to say that Hetalia pretty much makes fun out of everyone. Even Japan is shown as an otaku boy, which I don’t think really truly describes a huge percent of the Japanese population. And Italy pretty much acts like an idiot-crybaby throughout the thing. I even bet those who signed the petition signed just to have something to argue about and not even know about Hetalia or even at least researched a bit of info on the situation before signing. I am aware of the tension between Japan and Korea. However, I just think its ridiculous that Hetalia gets cancelled over some nationalists saying its insulting to them when the whole series insults all the countries in it (via stereotyping and otherwise). It’s for gag.

That of course is my rant. I was trying to vent while being diplomatic and I know I failed. The Japan-Korea thing has been going on for quite awhile and I think nationalism had a big part on this controversy which I can’t argue with ’cause I don’t have a nationalistic bone in my body since it leads to argument and spending energy. Too late now though, since its cancelled. Oh, life how you disappoint me (in many ways other than cancelling Hetalia and Double Arts).

My Socials class was talking about how if Bush (yes current Bush) was the leader of China and SNL was a Chinese show, all the members of SNL would be hung… or something along those lines. Just goes to show how the ability to take jokes in Asia is way different than the West.

This whole thing is sorta giving me a sense I’ll do bad in my  examination.

image from 和菓子菓子 on pixiv

About Lack of Winter 08/09 Anime Lineup


I went on vacation in a country where people hardly have home computers nor MSN or Facebook. I was gone for the whole winter break and I’m still jetlagged.

That should be reason enough XD

I’m quite sad since I was planning on doing one, but well I just got back, loads of homework crap to do to make up for some classes I missed. RL is quite hectic since final exams are coming up.

Well Iwill probably will try to get something up, but not soon nor will it be anything as long as the Fall 08 Lineup.

Though I can tell you this, there are lots of sequels in the Winter 08/09 lineup.

Oh yea and I’m giving a shoutout to people to see the movies City of Ember, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and the upcoming movie Inkheart.