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Yes, the ever famous address from the 1990’s is back with new and old faces!

Goodness, with its big storyline, big beautiful cast, and the big glam lifestyle, its not wonder it’s being compared to Gossip Girl.

While 90210 ruled the 1990’s, the 2007 is ruled by Gossip Girl and The Hills. Of course, The Hills is actually about real life people, so Gossip Girll is the next best thing.

One thing you can expect is that 90210 is WAY different. Sure there’s the rich lifestyle being portrayed with its ugly sides, but 90210 has a different tone and feel. It’s obviously the New York vs Beverly Hills scene.

New York has its fancy, high-class society while Beverly has the movie star, laid-back-but-cool vibe.


Can’t be compared. Seriously. What the cast of Gossip Girl wear are stuff made for the runway. However, the cast of 90210 has the urban, fashion style; nice, expensive stuff but still has the familiar feeling… more normal looking.

With the fashion fight out of the way, here’s the deal with the story. New girl moves to town with her family and adoptive brother due to her grandma, who happens to be quite rich, starting to get old. Her family’s from Kansas and she’s been raised as a “normal” girl. Then comes to move to this big city with its rich kids who have cars (and some have jets) that when put together, put all automalls out there into shame. Is she bewildered? Definately. All the rich spoiled kids and the temptations of the Bev. lifestyle is surrounding her all so suddenly. The so-called people who called her friends from day one at her new school back-stabbed/insulted her in no time flat. Oh and the guy friend she had made a few years back reunites with her in Bev. style: Being caught cheating with his popular griend in his car, with some chick giving him pleasure right infront of the school… UMMM?

What I love about this series based on the 2 hour premier? THE PLOT TWISTS. I’ve never seen so many plot twists in a story… and it just started! Garg, I had to go through a short-circuit in my house as well as trying to finish this year’s first homework (school bills lolz). I don’t exactly want to start blabbing about it, but all I can say is that I’ve had the “OMG WHAT THE FRIK” moment more times than I can count in a short span of 2 hours.

Surprisingly, I had gotten used to Gossip Girl’s pre-sex scenes and other scenes (I’ve run out of words haha), that when I watched 90210 I was almost too shocked at the lack of those. Well there’s the talks about the night escapades by the adults but other than that, all the kids did were kissing. Very tame. Gosh, I’ve been brainwashed by the media to think such things were actually normal =_=

This entry’s so short >_> I’ve ran out of words. I think its school. School has made me less English savvy.