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The Evil That Is “Homework”


       So in my absolutely, interesting English class, the teacher told us to write a persuasive essay as to why “we shouldn’t get homework”. If we were persuasive enough, she actually might not (she so contradicting, she gave us homework so that we don’t get homework). This led to me, and the many others in my class, to thinking as to why we shouldn’t get homework. Really, I don’t have a problem with homework. I have a problem with the amount we’re getting though. But I have no hope for the not getting homework thing. She assigned us loads so far (apparently it was because she hasn’t finished grading our essays…. garg, teachers and their little “work-around-the-problem tactics”).

So yea my essay that includes robots, monkeys, piranhas, and the Titanic (it really is about not getting homework). Basic 5-paragraph essay.

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