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Of Japanese Music Videos and Bishounens


My friends and I may butt heads when it comes to anime but we all share one thing in common: liking pretty boys.

So normally I wouldn’t go uploading huge ass files of music videos of NewS, but my friend wanted to get it on her cellphone and MU, SaveFile, and MediaFire won’t work for her. I don’t really like Sendspace due to its former policy of only 7 downloads or something and I’m not sure how long the file lasts, but its the most hassle-free site where I can upload files over 100MB.

[SS] : [PV] Weeek by NewS

[Savefile] : Weeek by NewS mp3

The video’s totally optimistic and brings a smile to my face everytime I see it. All members act really quirky and the comic page idea allowed for all them to have equal and many scenes. It was busy, yet put in an organized way. This is so going straight to my iPod Video XD I needed something to distract myself from boring Socials.


SINGLES: JET BOY, JET GIRL + This Night + Lie-Lie-Lie


So a couple of days ago I remembered some stuff after I watched Code Geass finale: 1. JET BOY, JET GIRL, This Night, and Lie-Lie-Lie singles just came out. 2. I needed to start reading Harry Potter Book 7 which has been collecting dust under my bed for 2 weeks (explaining my lack of activity despite watching so much already).

Well just incase people don’t know:

JET BOY, JET GIRL- Toward the Terra/Terra e… OP2

This Night-Toward the Terra/Terra e… ED2

Lie-Lie-Lie – movie theme of 4th Naruto movie

So, screencaps of the JET BOY, JET GIRL and This Night PVs + mp3 download of 3 singles (no instrumental versions, sorry, just full versions) under cut. RE-UPPED JULY 22/08

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