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USA Toyota Corolla + Hatsune Miku = ?


… equals absolute fail.

I’m assuming that Toyota USA used Hatsune Miku to entice a specific group of buyers, in this case anime fans. Sure Toyota gets my applaud for managing to bring forth a popular Japanese cult hit and combining it with a western ad, but in terms of getting in touch with more customers (which is basically what an ad is for), it completely fails.

Important note:  Japanese cult hit.

Since this is a US ad, they’re targeting US anime fans. Unfortunately for them, even in the large group of anime fans, those who heard of Hatsune Miku if fairly small, and those who have actually knowledge of who Hatsune Miku is, is even smaller. In my case I found out through Cencoroll which happened to have a theme song done by Supercell which used to (or maybe still is) doing songs using Vocaloid.

What I’m guessing this ad will lead to? It will lead to people searching on the internet on who on Earth is Hatsune Miku as opposed to looking up the specs of the new Toyota Corolla.

found out through ANN




So I’ve been gone. It’s been a very looooonggggg time.

I’ve started living in the Yearbook room, its due to crazy deadlines that don’t make sense. (WHO PUTS A DEADLINE A DAY BEFORE A TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK AND THE NEXT DEADLINE FOUR DAYS AFTER SPRING BREAK?!) It doesn’t help I’m always the last one to leave because I’m the only one who knows how to package stuff (computer file wise) to send to the publisher.

So yes, I’ve been glued to the computer, but most of the time working.

I haven’t really watched anime lately, just read lots of manga.

However, Ookiku Furikabutte has one loyal follower right here. Also, I’m pretty much waiting for Hetalia and 07-Ghost to resume.

I’ve been interested in making websites lately, as in designing them. I’m useless in computer speak though. But there’s this little plan in my head that if I get really good at web design I can charge thousands for each one and become a millionaire like those 12 year olds (okay maybe not that young, but close enough) who made it big by making websites for companies who had no idea they were dealing with kids.

Remembrance Day


Hey guys, Remembrance Day is almost upon us and I think we should all take the time, even if only a few minutes to remember those who sacrificed their lives and are still doing so everyday just so we can have our quality of life today. It’s a holiday but I really believe we should spend it in solemn manner. Also, try to support the veterans in Canada by donating a few coins here and there and get a poppy.

I Just Poofed Back Here Again


Okay, so I know I’ve been AWOL not doing about this blog but that’s cause Real Life Problems just slapped me in the  face so I had to do damage control. Not really watching  anything aside from Hetalia (OMG the lulz). Usually immersed myself with school stuff then summer rolled around so I was my dead self. I’ll probably go AWOL again since I have summer school and I’m trying to get a job (HA).