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Recent Anime List: Winter 2010/11


It seems I’ve noticed a pattern in my posts. I usually post near exam time… because I’m trying to avoid studying. I swear it’s unintentional… I think. Anyways, due to first semester at a new school I’ve missed putting up a Fall 2010 anime list, which is a shame really because Fall 2010 was full of pretty awesome series. As for what I’ve been watching or watched from that season its:

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – I tried out this series only because Bones was behind it. In my eyes Bones can do no wrong. I was right. I’ve fallen for the Galactic Pretty Boy and integrated KIRABOSHI☆ in my language. It was the swing of his hips… yeah that was it.

Psychic Detective Yakumo – An intriguing plot and I wanted to join the horror-fest that’s been taking over anime seasons lately… but not really put myself in the position where I can’t sleep at night.

Kuragehime – THE BEST SHOW of Fall 2010. Hands down. I fell for the trap and Clara and I wished there was more. So far, I’ve been enjoying noitaminA shows, so much so that I’m reluctant in starting some because I know they only last 13 episodes.

Well that was it… I started a few more than that, but unfortunately stopped them due to schedules and/or disappointing plot.

Now enough with last season, here’s WINTER 2010/11.
(image by ゴロー on pixiv)

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Spring 2010 Lineup (Recent Anime List)


I’m trying on a new take in blogging my anime lineup. It’s mostly because my old way involved me putting in quite a lot of series that I have absolutely nothing to say about or just simply don’t like so my opinion section ends up speaking badly of them. Therefore, I’ll only put in the ones that I’m interested or curious about. I’ll still name the ones I don’t go into detail on and link to sites with more information about those series.   



So here we are with Spring 2010. I’m excited about some of the series being presented this spring season, especially two sequels in particular.   

image by さくこon pixiv   

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Winter 08-09 Lineup (Recent Anime List)


Though quite late, I hope that this list will be a helpful guide for people who want to tackle new series.


So here it is, the winter 09 anime lineup, full of much-awaited sequels and promising premiers.

image by オニグンソウ on pixiv

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Fall 08 Lineup (Recent Anime List)


Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the 2nd assault of 2008. Now comes our new fall line-up, ready to start on September, just like school. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Gundam 00 2nd Season, Bounen no Xam’d, Vampire Knight, Junjou Romantica 2, and Lucky Star (as you can see from the pic, from かにかま) are just some of the titles we’ll be seeing this season. Brace yourselves people. The Fall line-up in jam-packed full of titles for everyone.

My goodness, couple this with the fact Code Geass R2, Nabari no Ou, and Macross FRONTIER haven’t finished yet. I might not even have time to sleep =_=. Well atleast Amatsuki is done… except it shouldn’t be, ’cause it pure awesomeness.

This will either be my last post or atleast last big post in awhile seeing as school starts soon and I have real life to get back to as well as stupid Physics. Happy Back to School/End of Summer everyone.

Anyways clicky ‘more” for… well, MORE! MASSIVE post by the way (I nearly pulled out my hair typing this). If you have dial-up, for the love of all that is good, don’t open this is up.

Not yet fully done. Some release dates and plot summaries haven’t been released yet or aren’t readily available. This post will be updated once those come up or as soon as I’m able to.

EDIT: 09/03/08 new dates for some titles

EDIT: 09/05/08 new dates for some titles + skip beat site up

EDIT: 09/27/08 all official dates now up + one outs site up

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Winter 07-Spring 08 (Recent Anime List)


So I haven’t been on posting like mwuhahaha lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching anything >:)(Okay, so I should be studying for my French Oral Examination and English Provincials but I couldn’t resist)

So for now, a brief inside look in my brain. Just little commentaries and thoughts about what I’ve watched so far.

Cut for Overdrive, Kino no Tabi: Country of Disease, Ghost Hound, Shion no Ou, Shigofumi, Person -trinity soul-, and Spice and Wolf

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