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Shopping in US is LE PLUS awesome <-OLD journal


I’m a materialistic person. So sue me. I’m the type of person who would never shop for clothes or little things in Wal-Mart. The last time I went there was when I got so bored that I bought a volley-ball to bounce around while I leisurely walk around the mall.

Food come from specialty markets or Superstore, school supplies are always available at Staples, and brand name clothing always attracted me. Normally, I’m always in a pinch during my friend’s birthdays because I don’t even think about buying anything that will cost less than $10. I blame my parents. They’re both materialistic as well.

Thanksgiving has always been an awesome holiday. Better than Christmas. This way you know what you’re getting and that you want it (I’ll probably get into Santa’s naughty list for being so ungrateful. Well at least I’m not as bad as Britney Spears or Paris Hilton).

For us Canadians, the rise of the Canadian dollar was a godsend. I went down over to the Washington to ‘shop till I drop’ (which I did… my feet were killing me). Tulalip Outlet Mall and Bellis Fair Mall had been our prime stops. I probably saw more Canadians there than Americans. Such a small world too. I managed to see my Canadian classmate “watermelon” in the Sketchers store.

In any case, there were sales all around. My family hit the brand name stores that were expensive but not crazy expensive like Juicy Couture. GUESS, Calvin Klein, LeSportsac, Aeropostale, Nike, Puma, Coach (dearest mother gushed over the bags), Banana Republic, Liz Claiborne, and Hurley were some of our stops. We stayed from 10am to 6pm. We did NOT eat lunch (1. Food court was crowded 2. It was cold outside. 3. We still had to go to Bellis Fair before going back to the motherland.).

Lovely time. My favourite item is a new backpack from tokidoki for LeSportsac. Cost a whopping $114, but the orignal had been almost $300 so I don’t feel to guilty. I also got a free bear from Aeropostale for having purchased over $100 worth of clothes. My mom bought 4 bags (FOUR BAGS). Three GUESS bags and one other expensive bag from Macyorsomethingorother. I pouted my way into getting a cute Harajuku Lovers wallet from said store. WORTH IT THOUGH. Think of how much you’re saving instead of what the current price is.

Oh my gosh so old and I haven’t posted XD.