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A Historic Moment in the Making


HOLY CRAP my country’s government just fell. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy or not.


Reposting the Fabulousness: Keito


After a long study session that left my brain into a puddle of goo and my nerves completely smashed I watched Star Driver and was just completely overwhelmed by Keito’s fabulousness in this episode (youtube vid first saw at gg’s site, which is only to be expected)

Forget being two faced, Keito has four and counting šŸ˜›



So I’ve been gone. It’s been a very looooonggggg time.

I’ve started living in the Yearbook room, its due to crazy deadlines that don’t make sense. (WHO PUTSĀ A DEADLINE A DAY BEFORE A TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK AND THE NEXT DEADLINE FOUR DAYS AFTER SPRING BREAK?!) It doesn’t help I’m always the last one to leave because I’m the only one who knows how to package stuff (computer file wise) to send to the publisher.

So yes, I’ve been glued to the computer, but most of the time working.

I haven’t really watched anime lately, just read lots of manga.

However, Ookiku Furikabutte has one loyal follower right here. Also, I’m pretty much waiting for Hetalia and 07-Ghost to resume.

I’ve been interested in making websites lately, as in designing them. I’m useless in computer speak though. But there’s this little plan in my head that if I get really good at web design I can charge thousands for each one and become a millionaire like those 12 year olds (okay maybe notĀ that young, but close enough) who made it big by making websites for companies who had no idea they were dealing with kids.



Canada, after a medal drought, FINALLY won medals (gold, silver, and bronze). OMG YES. I was watching the men’s rowing while at they gym and I have to say people were probably weirded out by the fact I was furiously working out yet glaring at some far off place (theĀ TV lolz, IĀ wasn’t wearingĀ my glasses, so I was trying to see if the red and white flag of the winner was the Canadian flag XD).

My goodness, its about time. I’ve been bored out of my mind since I was following the Olympics since the opening ceremony and Canada has been doing so poorly (we’re such a winter country). Not only that, but disappointed at the anger during tihs particular Olympics. The booing from the ChineseĀ during the Canada-China soccer game (I know its home field advantage, but still, its quite rude T_T <– i’m such a happy/naive girl), the swearing of the Canadian fencer at the Hungarian team, and the unsportsmanship of the Swedish-representer wrestler when it refused the bronze since he didn’t win the gold. So yes, anger all around, but hopefully will abate as more games go underway. Still its understandable though, just watching it makes me tense XD. At least we know that we don’t get to finish off Beijing 08 medal-less.

So for now, HURRAH!!!