All images used on this site are copyright to their owners. In no way shape or form do I claim owndership of these images unless stated otherwise.

In General
I would very much appreciate it if you do not directly link to any of the images here in this site. It kind of makes me sad that people might be eating on the server just because they can’t be bothered to save the image themselves and get a site like photobucket or imageshack to host the image (its free!).

Screenshots and Season Lineup Images:
Use them, but please save them on to your own computer and don’t direct link. Giving a link back to my homepage is not required, but if done so, very much appreciated.

Other Images (Pixiv, Layout Images):
definitely don’t directly link to these images. I don’t claim ownership to these images. There’s a reason why I give credit to the original artist and most of the time provide a link to where I got the image from.

If you’re the artist of one of the images…
and want me to take down the image, you can leave a message on this page and I will take down the image as soon as I see the message.


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