Star Driver 25 (End) Final Kiraboshi


Well here’s throwing another final kiraboshi into the massive pile of growing final kiraboshi’s out there.

 I have to admit, Star Driver started to feel rushed and pretty much predictable towards the end, however if the craziness of the plot was ignored and the the only thing judged was animation quality and battle scene AWESOMENESS, then star driver ending was brilliant. The ending really does leave me wanting a bit more and I have this feeling (well, I wish it’ll come true) that there’ll be an OVA or episode 26 bundled with the last DVD for an epilougue… like seriously I’m pretty sure all other series have epilogues in the final episode.

Ahh well~ another ending to a series. It was fun while it lasted and made all the more fun by FABULOUS gg subs that’s been trolling this series randomly. BUT, I’m sorry gg, while I burst out laughing at your final troll, Kurogane’s Anime Blog take’s the cake for commentary on that scene.

😦 Well my Sundays won’t shine as brightly anymore. Goodbye Star Driver~

(<ゝ∀・) KIRABOSHI☆!!!


Reposting the Fabulousness: Keito


After a long study session that left my brain into a puddle of goo and my nerves completely smashed I watched Star Driver and was just completely overwhelmed by Keito’s fabulousness in this episode (youtube vid first saw at gg’s site, which is only to be expected)

Forget being two faced, Keito has four and counting 😛

Recent Anime List: Winter 2010/11


It seems I’ve noticed a pattern in my posts. I usually post near exam time… because I’m trying to avoid studying. I swear it’s unintentional… I think. Anyways, due to first semester at a new school I’ve missed putting up a Fall 2010 anime list, which is a shame really because Fall 2010 was full of pretty awesome series. As for what I’ve been watching or watched from that season its:

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – I tried out this series only because Bones was behind it. In my eyes Bones can do no wrong. I was right. I’ve fallen for the Galactic Pretty Boy and integrated KIRABOSHI☆ in my language. It was the swing of his hips… yeah that was it.

Psychic Detective Yakumo – An intriguing plot and I wanted to join the horror-fest that’s been taking over anime seasons lately… but not really put myself in the position where I can’t sleep at night.

Kuragehime – THE BEST SHOW of Fall 2010. Hands down. I fell for the trap and Clara and I wished there was more. So far, I’ve been enjoying noitaminA shows, so much so that I’m reluctant in starting some because I know they only last 13 episodes.

Well that was it… I started a few more than that, but unfortunately stopped them due to schedules and/or disappointing plot.

Now enough with last season, here’s WINTER 2010/11.
(image by ゴロー on pixiv)

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Summer 2010 Lineup – New Anime List


Ah, the summer heat. Good time to keep away from the sun is to spend some time viewing anime. It would seem a trend for this year’s summer line up is horror. The sequel to Black Butler, Seikimitsu Occult Gakuin, Shiki, and Highschool of the Dead should thrill horror lovers. As for me, it looks like I won’t be watching much (too scared >_<).



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The Last Airbender Movie Review

This movie was based on the popular cartoon called “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. I’m sure that if the movie “Avatar” had not been thought up by James Cameron then the Last Airbender movie would have been called “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Issues about the name aside, the movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan and that alone should have sounded alarm bells in many people. “Oh, he’s a famous movie director!” exclaimed many, but with his recent films tanking, I was worried. There’s also the fact that it was suddenly announced it would be 3D, which I’m sure only came about as a result of Avatar’s (the one with blue aliens) success. A movie that was supposed to be 2D, suddenly turning 3D… hmmmm. Weighing heavily on my mind was the controversy surrounding the casting of this film as well. They completely changed the race of certain characters, in some cases entire nations, from the original. It had left many feeling angry as the movie wasn’t being loyal to the original. People went as far as to say the casting was discriminatory and racist and backed up sites such as Racebending. With so much stuff already going sour for the film before hitting theatres, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So, when I went to watch it, I thought “Okay, let’s forget about everything people were saying about the film, any rumours and/or controversies surrounding it, and let’s go in with an open mind.” And so I did.

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