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From Wizards to Vampires


Yes, you’ve heard right Potter fans and Twilight fans: The 6th Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was bumped off its fall timeslot and is being released on July 17 2009, while the newest and first film of the Twilight series is replacing its November 21 timeslot.

Good or Bad?

Well to hardcore Potter fans probably pretty bad. That’s a whole year without Harry Potter! I see lots of angry people.

However, I fret not. Because besides being a Harry Potter fan (no long hardcore though, ’cause it has disappointed me in many ways), I also happen to be a Twilight fan. Yes, the blood, the catchy book covers, the romance, the emo-ness, and the sexy vampires have ensnared me and my friends along with thousands (millions?) of people.

No, I have not converted, cause I was never an avid follower starting book 5 of Potter’s life so please, no rocks or spiteful comments. I’m just trying to view the world with a wider lense? I still love the Harry Potter series mind you.

While many people will be disapponted (and possibly outrage) at Harry Potter’s no-show, I’m sure many people instead will be happy that the highly anticipated Twilight movie will be coming to us earlier. Woohoo!!

Once the 6th Harry Potter movie comes on summer 2009, I shall judge whether or not the change was a good thing or bad thing, because the 5th movie wasn’t exactly blockbuster material in my opinion (even though the movie goers determined it was).