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Onemanga bites the dust

Lately, there’s been a lot of legal pressure placed on manga viewing sites. It went completely unnoticed by me until Mangafox was told to take off manga of certain genres due to problems with Google ads. They had a big sweep of certain genres and licensed manga, Onemanga followed shortly after. Mangahelpers members were then prevented from providing RAWs of certain mangas on their site (the last one more understandable). I thought it would end there.
Now, Onemanga admins have decided to pull the plug on the beloved site due mounting legal pressure from manga publishers. They will be gone by the last week of July. It’s sad really. Sigh, Onemanga shuts down. Never thought this would happen back when I stumbled on OM a couple of years ago.
I completely understand that manga publishers have the complete right to tell manga viewing sites to get rid of licensed manga, but to push manga viewing sites to disappear completely is totally wrong in my opinion. Unlicensed manga should stay on. It’s thanks to scanlators, scanlation, and mangaviewing sites that mangas can have an audience and fans in countries other than Japan even before they come to those countries in book form. It’s thanks to those that mangas have become popularized, ensuring sales in foreign countries. I, for one, don’t buy a manga unless I have read it online and seen how good it is. (Another input: scanlators usually have better translations than manga publishers). The move made by Mangatoshokan  is therefore the best in my opinion, considering the situation.
Well, another good thing comes to an end. RIP Onemanga. You’ve introduced me to many mangas and helped me grow my love for them. I will miss the good, manga viewing times.