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USA Toyota Corolla + Hatsune Miku = ?


… equals absolute fail.

I’m assuming that Toyota USA used Hatsune Miku to entice a specific group of buyers, in this case anime fans. Sure Toyota gets my applaud for managing to bring forth a popular Japanese cult hit and combining it with a western ad, but in terms of getting in touch with more customers (which is basically what an ad is for), it completely fails.

Important note:  Japanese cult hit.

Since this is a US ad, they’re targeting US anime fans. Unfortunately for them, even in the large group of anime fans, those who heard of Hatsune Miku if fairly small, and those who have actually knowledge of who Hatsune Miku is, is even smaller. In my case I found out through Cencoroll which happened to have a theme song done by Supercell which used to (or maybe still is) doing songs using Vocaloid.

What I’m guessing this ad will lead to? It will lead to people searching on the internet on who on Earth is Hatsune Miku as opposed to looking up the specs of the new Toyota Corolla.

found out through ANN


Latest Obsessions


Not by me specifically, just otakus and maybe japanophiles in general.

Latest things that seem to be around lately:

1. Vocaloid

Even I want in on the boat. I’ve seen videos online and it looks fun to try. Not only that but the characters are funny. If you see a fanart containing a girl with long blue hair these days, its probably Miku.

2. What ’bout my star?

This one’s self explanitory. One of the most catchy tunes to date. Otakus (mostly those who’ve watched Macross FRONTIER) seem to be singing or listening to this lately. Can’t blame them. So am I.


Hmmm, what else is taking over the net out there?

image from 雨水 on pixiv